Addressing Me; Dos & Don’ts

You shall address me as Sir or Master and respectfully use my correct pronouns: He/Him/His.

I am a transgender man, and it is disrespectful to refer to my parts as “woman parts” or similar.

If you are confused about what transgender man means, you may find this article helpful.

Refrain from asking personal questions.

Making a Booking or an Enquiry

All enquiries are to be made by email, text message or whatsapp. I do not answer phone or video calls.

Please introduce yourself properly, state when you would like to book, where you would like this booking to take place (incall or outcall), how long and what you are after. This is not only polite and respectful; it gives me the information required to assess whether I can suitably accommodate your booking. Failure to provide the required information may result in your enquiry being ignored.

I do not respond to messages or emails that only say “hi” or equivalent.

If you wish to see photos, there are photos on my website. If you wish to see additional photos, you can subscribe to my OnlyFans or request a personalised photoset for a fee. Requests for photos without payment will be ignored.

Before making an enquiry, carefully look at the information on my website to check if your question has already been answered. If you cannot find anything that answers your question, then the same process follows for making an enquiry; introduce yourself, state your enquiry.

Please be clear and concise and keep your messages to the point. I am not inclined to engage in chit chat prior to a booking confirmation.

If you are interested in a full-service session, or similarly intimate acts, you must explicitly state this either during the booking process, or upon arriving, as I cannot assume your desires.

Upon confirming your booking, a $100 deposit is required. This is to ensure that this time is set aside for you and make any necessary arrangements prior to the booking, such as organising an in-call space. This deposit will be paid via BeemIt or Direct Deposit, details for which will be provided when appropriate.


For cancellations or to reschedule, please give 48 hours’ notice where possible. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, you may forfeit your deposit. This is because your deposit is used to secure a space for our booking and without adequate notice, I do not receive a refund of this fee.

Prior to Arriving


I expect my clients to be well groomed and of a high standard of hygiene. Please ensure that you have thoroughly washed yourself prior to our session. This includes washing your genitalia (eg. pulling back your foreskin and washing with a gentle soap to remove smegma and unpleasant odours) and thoroughly washing your anus with soapy water.

With regards to oral hygiene, it is recommended that you not brush your teeth immediately before your booking, but at least an hour prior. This is due to small lacerations that may be caused by the friction of brushing your teeth, which may present a health risk. Prior to, or immediately upon arrival, you may freshen up with mouth wash or breath mints.

If our session includes anal play, ensure that your arse is sufficiently prepped (i.e. with a douche or enema) if required, as not doing so beforehand will eat into our session time.

Be on time

Ensure that you arrive on time for your booking, as arriving late may take away from the booking time. Your time begins from the agreed upon booking time, not from your time of arrival. If you are running late, let me know as soon as possible.

If you are early, please do not loiter outside, as this draws unnecessary attention and impedes on the privacy of any client departing from a booking before yours.

Upon Arrival

It is standard practice that you pay for your session upon arrival. If you plan to pay by cash, ensure that you have the correct amount ready at your time of arrival. Give yourself extra time before arriving if you will need to find an ATM.

If not previously discussed, please inform me of any hard boundaries, soft boundaries, triggers, medical conditions, or any other information you feel may be relevant to our session. This is to ensure that you have a safe and pleasurable experience.

Now that you have arrived and are in my space, our time together can begin. As a guest in my space, you must be on your best behaviour, adhere to boundaries (including those regarding personal information), and, if the session so entails, my commands.

You must clearly communicate any desires you may have and not immediately act them out prior to receiving consent. Conversely, use your safe word if an activity is reaching a boundary, or not having the desired effect. Clear communication is key to us both having a pleasurable experience together.

At the End of our Session

Our time together has come to an end (for now!). If you wish to extend, you must make this known and appropriately compensate Me for the additional time. Extensions may not always be possible in the case of back – to – back bookings, as I require a certain amount of time to clean and set up for my next session. In this case, you know for next time to book a longer session. Lingering after your time has finished is considered disrespectful.

Please quickly wash up if desired, get dressed, ensure you have all of your belongings, and head to your car, uber, or whichever mode of transportation in a quiet and inconspicuous fashion.

I take great pride in the professionalism and skill mastery of my sessions. I look forward to meeting each of my present and future clients in a safe, sane, consensual and above all, mutually pleasurable environment.